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Matt’s Outback Paintball started with a father and son playing paintball with their friends on a 23 acre woods field. It has greatly developed over the years not only creating a better woods ball field, but expanding into the new craze of X-ball. Their expansion has created a 23 acre woods field with four multiple story forts for those paintball players that can’t get enough of the woods. There are 2 X-ball fields set up, a tire field, and a seven man speedball field. Matt’s Outback has become one of the top fields in not only Connecticut, but in New England. They have created an atmosphere for paintball players that has taken the business feel out of paintball and given the sport the family touch.

Staff Tom is the owner and creator of Matt’s Outback Paintball. Tom and his son Matt started this field simply for the love of the game and a place for friends to gather and play paintball. Tom has put his heart and soul into the field and has built it from the ground out. He is a great asset to the development of this field. He is always thinking of ways to improve the field and then he would use that idea and form it into a reality. His caring view on life has allowed him to make Matt’s Outback Paintball a home away from home for many people.

STAFF and players.
Matt's Outback paintball would not be where it is now if it were not for the staff and players that work/play here. All the Staff are friendly and will go out of the way to help you have a good time. All those that work or have worked at Matt's has poured their heart into the business because it is so easy to do and people see that. Players find this to be a home away from home. They come back time and time again and love to help people learn the sport. Must frequent players like the field so much that they would not hesitate to lend a hand if needed. Providing exact names of people that contribute to the greatness that is Matt's Outback Paintball would be too long for me to type. :)

Shannon Slate has become a vital asset to Matt’s Outback Paintball. He oversees the Web site and many technical aspects of the business. He welcomes all that come and play at the field and sees to it they have a good time.

Rebecca Kitfield recently joined the crew. Her commitment to the business has magnified the businesses success.